Dryer’s Farm and Chickens.


Letter I inserted into a survey to Dryer’s Farm.

This is in regard to the shopping experience at the newly improved Dryer’s Farm. Without a doubt, the customer service is wonderful in the store. The employees are friendly and helpful. My concern is the feral chickens you have on the store floor. These birds block the storefront and isles, cackling about PTA’s and little Cindy’s dance class. A truly exasperating moment is waiting online behind a chicken. Sometimes they will rudely asked questions about when the Bulgarian turnips or Madagascar corn will be in season. These hens have no regard to who is in line behind them. In handling these questions, your staff sometimes has the thousand yard stare of a soldier in the trenches. One cannot blame them. The farm must have a psychologist on staff.

As much as these ladies squawk proudly about their chicks, they appear to have no regard for their safety. I have cringed multiple times, observing a woman open a door to an SUV, letting an urchin run around aimlessly in the parking lot. I’ve seen a couple of frolicking younglings almost crushed by other hens driving SUV’s. I must remind you I am at the farm to pick up produce, not watch natural selection take place.

In closing, it is not the store or the staff that makes things unpleasant; it is the self-involved moms that are exasperating. Perhaps there should be a day selected for men to pick up the box. We would simply line up, grunt our last name, receive the box, and in an orderly fashion leave the store. It would be a break for your staff and certainly a plus for me!