Obama… Our First Muslim President?

Obama… Our First Muslim President?

When he first took the Oval Office, I didn’t believe it. Just look at the guy. He was a community organizer in Chicago who also taught in law school. His wife, a law school graduate, whose resume included Vice President for Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center. She made a whopping $316,962 for God’s know what. What does a Vice President for Community and External Affairs do anyway? Does it help find a cure for cancer?

Anyhow, there was no burkas or hajibs to be seen. No imams heaping praises upon Barry when he was running for President. I mean after all, the former Senator was going to lower the sea levels. I don’t think Allah would be happy with this kind of talk. Raising and lower sea levels is a God’s territory, not someone who chilled with the “Choom Gang”.  To me, he appeared to be your run of the mill socialist. I must add a dangerous one, considering he was elected President.
Let me translate: “Dear Islam, I know that some of you have been at war with the West, Judaism, and Christianity for centuries. However, there was no excuse for America getting in a tizzy over 9-11. Sorry.” 
I was a little angry over this. Like his recent apology over Hiroshima. But Obama being Islamic??!! No way. Barry had a beer with the Cambridge cop and that nutty professor. In Yemen, I believe you get your tongue removed for imbibing. 
How about this recent blunder. Some call it The Arab Spring. Spring? I believe Jon Snow would say winter is upon us. Here are two blunders. Remember Libya? I believe crazy Uncle Gaddafi soiled himself when he watched us dismantle Iraq. This isn’t just my opinion, here is a former adviser of Bubba himself: Ashton B. Carter, an assistant secretary of defense under President Clinton who is now co-director of the Harvard-Stanford Preventive Defense Project, agreed that Iraq was a turning point in convincing Colonel Qaddafi to give up his weapons.
”One certainly hopes that what we did in Iraq put countries like Libya on notice that we’re really serious about countering proliferation,” said Mr. Carter. So what does Obama do? By not supporting Gaddafi (which led to Benghazi), we told the rest of the world we do not support countries that acquiesce to our wishes. To top it all off, the area is in disarray with Islamic terror groups running amuck.
I am not even going to bore you with the details of not supporting our pal, Hosni Mubarak, in Egypt. One of the only Arab leaders who worked with us, and kept a lid on his own crazies. Lastly, I just want to compare two responses Obama made. One during civil unrest, the other during an all-out coup.
Remember Iran in 2009. All those young adults protesting for reforms in the Islamic Republic. He turned his back on these reformers.

Are we starting to see a pattern here?
Now onto the recent mess in Turkey. Where Obama was quiet concerning the Iranian protestors, he comes out swinging for “Sultan” Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Here is a lovely poem Erdogan quoted during a speech in the 90’s:

We are not talking about a Turkish Thomas Jefferson. One must remember that since the days of Ataturk, the military has always been the protector of secularism in Turkey. The Sultan on the other hand, receives his support from the conservative Islamic followers in that nation.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Obama from jump street should of supported the military or the wanna be Sultan. He could of simply shut his word hole and see how it played out.

So is President Obama our first Muslim Commander in Chief? Who knows? However if you were a space alien observing quietly from afar, one can see how Spock could easily make this assumption. After all according to Barry, Islam is pretty cool!

Brian Lopez