Response to Azita Raji


I sent a twitter to Azita Raji, former Ambassador to Sweden during the Obama Administration, to read my response to “Russia’s Cold War with Scandinavia” on The Iron Tower.

Ms. Raji,

I loved your opinion piece. However…..

“During my tenure, then-Vice President Joe Biden visited Sweden to affirm the American commitment to the region”. ~ Azita Raji

The above line makes me snicker. “American Commitment to the region”? Just like when the Obama administration pulled missile defense out of Poland? Or the support and commitment we provided to Mubarak, our only Islamic friend? How about Obama’s commitment to Iraq? How about our relationship with Libya and Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi certainly not was a runner up for the Nobel Peace Prize. However he gave up his chemical weapons program. Lets not forget the Obama Administration back biting our friend Israel!

In another opinion piece published in Newsweek, you write “While I no longer represent my country in an official capacity, I intend to be a vocal proponent of the values that impelled President Obama to appoint me”. I certainly hope disloyalty to our allies is not one of them. In closing, spare me your accolades of the Obama’s administration’s “commitment” to any country!

Your response is required.


The B-LO