Yo quiero mas empty brass!

Mr. Niccol,

I must confide to you, I abhor the cuisine at Taco Bell. However, this recent piece of news may change my dining habits.

I ran into this article a few moments ago while patrolling the internet titled “Armed robbers order Taco Bell workers to floor at gunpoint — but victims serve up a deadly surprise” . I applaud the efforts of your heroic taco chefs in defending the coffers of your business.

In fact, Brian Niccol, you should pay a visit to these gun slinging chalupa servers. Give them a pat on the back with a nice photo op. I would also advise, Taco Bell and Sigma Bell, LLC, the franchise owner, to give these boys a raise! One can feel safe dining upon a chalupa in Cleveland under the watchful eye of a of a gun slinger.

I certainly hope these gents don’t get sacked due to some silly rule in your employment manual. Working at 2:45 am at a fast food restaurant, in an urban environment, isn’t the safest occupation. The armed criminals attempted to take advantage of the perceived unarmed. Perhaps in fear of being identified, unarmed chefs would have been murdered.

If anything, your employment manual should be updated. Maybe provide a stipend to employees who choose to arm themselves. Perhaps a sign on the door, “employees are armed” would warn banditos from even attempting a robbery.

A response is requested.
The B-LO




Response to Azita Raji


I sent a twitter to Azita Raji, former Ambassador to Sweden during the Obama Administration, to read my response to “Russia’s Cold War with Scandinavia” on The Iron Tower.

Ms. Raji,

I loved your opinion piece. However…..

“During my tenure, then-Vice President Joe Biden visited Sweden to affirm the American commitment to the region”. ~ Azita Raji

The above line makes me snicker. “American Commitment to the region”? Just like when the Obama administration pulled missile defense out of Poland? Or the support and commitment we provided to Mubarak, our only Islamic friend? How about Obama’s commitment to Iraq? How about our relationship with Libya and Col. Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi certainly not was a runner up for the Nobel Peace Prize. However he gave up his chemical weapons program. Lets not forget the Obama Administration back biting our friend Israel!

In another opinion piece published in Newsweek, you write “While I no longer represent my country in an official capacity, I intend to be a vocal proponent of the values that impelled President Obama to appoint me”. I certainly hope disloyalty to our allies is not one of them. In closing, spare me your accolades of the Obama’s administration’s “commitment” to any country!

Your response is required.


The B-LO






Hitler and Trump?

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The man child Michael Gault,  compared Donald Trump to Hitler and Mussolini. It was linked to the blog “War is Boring”, which most of the time the contributors have valid opinions. If you need to read this ham fisted opinion piece, here is it Why Fascists Hate Star Wars. However, I think my short response to Mr. Gault shall suffice:

Pretty good. I agree that the Empire and The First Order are fascist entities. However, placing Donald Trump in the same boat at Hitler and Mussolini is a stretch.

One of your conclusions is incredibly fallacious. The only reason Trump ran (and won) for President is due to a joke Obama made in 2011? So, a real estate mogul, with an international company, runs for President because of a joke at the Correspondents’ Dinner. A dinner I must add, that is full with jokes and verbal jousting. A pretty specious conclusion. How on Earth did “War is Boring” believe this was worthy to post.